Testing Your Broadband

Do you need extra telephone or broadband sockets installed or broadband testing? Are you searching for a company based in Peterborough or South Lincolnshire? Look no further than Local Telecom.

Whether your ADSL Broadband speed is slow, intermittent, or not working at all, there are very few things more frustrating than a bad ADSL connection! Hopefully we can get your wayward ADSL Broadband Line back on track.

 Testing Your Broadband

We can take a reading on your line with specialist ADSL testing equipment to gauge the possible speeds attainable, this can be then presented to you as a file that can be used as 'evidence' to push your ISP to provide you with the speeds your line is capable of.

We can also optimise the layout and configuration of your property wiring so that it is setup for optimum broadband speeds. This is done by isolating extensions and feeding Broadband to router off a central main filter which also eliminates the need for extra filters.

The problem sometimes lies within the outside network - This is covered by Openreach free of charge. We can perform a health check on your internal wiring to make sure everything is up to scratch and can also give detailed reports on the condition of your line as it enters the property. If the fault is deemed to be in your property when Openreach visit you may be charged substantially.

Should we diagnose your fault & prove it with your service provider or prove it on the BT network (even though they may have told you it's not) we can assist you in reporting the fault to your Service Provider.

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Check your Broadband Speed Here http://beta.speedtest.net/


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